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Simplicity within Complexity: Next level Leadership

Simplicity is the most challenging concept to achieve.  Humans by nature like to make life complex.  Educators can be the most exceptional at it!  It makes sense.  Schools and classrooms are made up of a collection of communities of minds with various needs, beliefs and behaviours.  Its complex.

Often great teachers cater for all of the diversity, principals cater for all of the community diversity.  In catering for all we overwhelm our lives with complexity, and say good bye to simplicity.

We can lead and teach with simplicity and cater for diversity. 

We do this by understanding our operating state and how that causes complexity.   Embody this knowledge and watch your energy levels rise, health flourish and community shine in all its diversity.

Operating states are innate in all adults.  There is the empowered operating state and the disempowered operating state.  The latter is survival mode.  Under any stress the disempowered operating state will take over to ensure we survive! Never mind thriving.

How do we know when the disempowered operating state kicks in?  

We tolerate more than we can handle. 

Unorganised classrooms and offices appear.  Volume of voice increases. Car looks like a mess on the inside. To do lists are incomplete and cause over whelm.  Saying yes when you need to say no.

We mismanage time.  We agree to do more when we should do less.  We become tellers in the classroom and staff meeting.  We talk a lot.  

In our empowered operating state we know our disempowered state intimately.  

We are in flow and make light work of our profession.

We thrive.  We keep our cup full knowing that we can then serve others.

Our capacity to remember, to facilitate and be in conflict improves immensely.

Know your states and watch your load lighten and capacity increase.

Want to learn how to lighten your load professionally and personally? Want to make sustainable changes to maintain this? Contact us about our program for education leaders and making light work of the profession we love.

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